Monday, January 25, 2010

Ski Day

We started at Government Camp and skied up towards
Timberline Lodge in a blizzard! Seriously. Icicles
were forming on my glasses and gloves and snow was
exfoliating my face. It felt like millions of needles
attacking my face. I learned that there is gym pretty, and
mountain tough. I'm no where near mountain tough.
I was a panting pansy;)
Timberline Lodge is beautiful. I love that it was
built entirely by hand during the peak of the Great
I deserved a Spanish coffee! This should have been
dangling in front of me as I skied. I might have hustled
a bit more. My legs are mush...
I'm such a pansy.


  1. awesome. I want to go up the Mountain!

  2. Let's do it! Maybe without the blizzard...

  3. snowshoeing!!! thats what I want to try!