Thursday, January 28, 2010

Addiction#16: Tea

This addiction snuck up on me and I may need a 12 step program fast! Maybe it was when my friend Leah suggested I visit the Chinese Gardens? Or when Maggie enabled my addiction by buying me a gorgeous teacup and saucer set at an antique store on the OR coast ( I owe you for that Featherz)? It could be that I never played "Tea Time" as a child and I'm making up for lost time. Anyway, I'm still addicted to cappuccinos, but the variety of flavors a cup of tea delivers is wonderful! The cups are so delicate and feminine too. I can't be monogamous to my caps anymore... Jasmine is my flavor of the week.


  1. tea party? did I hear an invite :)

    from one tea addict to another. I am sitting here sipping my Yunan Jin Cha... yummy.

  2. Yunan Jin Cha? I Need to try that! Always a tea party! I'm game;)