Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amazing Jewelry Shot

Our model in Turquoise, Cadence, really worked the camera in the "rain". This photo was taken by the ever so talented Philip Burnett in his studio in Portland, OR. He created a rain machine in his studio! I love this shot!

Mt. Hood Skiing

It looks like I know what I'm doing. Skiing up Mt. Hood burns!

My body feels like jello today. I escaped jewel making for a day and surrendered to Mt. Hood. It was sunny and gorgeous yesterday! Marty (above) was training me and she had no mercy! Check out her all terrain jewelry;)
By the way, I fell about 15-19 times. I was a wreck out there! I learned a new term from my falls,--YARD SALE. I guess when you fall and lose your hat, ski poles & glasses more than a few feet away from you it's called a yard sale. Thanks for the lesson Marty & Steven!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kid Projects: CupCakes

My little guy loves to decorate cupcakes, more so than eating them. Check out this work of art. Now those little cute sprinkles are all over my kitchen floor!

How to: CupCake Holder

This is super chic & easy. So I made cupcakes again and wanted something cute to display them on. I headed to the Goodwill and looked for 3 white plates in different, pretty styles. One big, med & small. Next I looked for 2 sturdy wine glasses that will separate my plates. The wine glasses have to be tall enough to fit my cakes, but not too tall. Next, that 6000 glue you find at the craft store, it works wonders and it's waterproof & clear. Get that.
  • Apply glue on the rim of the 1st glass, then stick it to the back of the little plate.
  • Then apply glue on the bottom of the 1st glass and add the top side of the med plate. Let dry.
  • Apply glue on bottom of 2nd glass and place in the center of top big plate.
  • Let the two pieces dry on a level surface for an hour.
  • Now apply glue on rim of 2nd glass and stack the back of med plate.
  • Allow almost 2 hours to dry.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Petula

I know a sassy woman named Anna. She doesn't mess around! She introduced me to Sweet Petula products while hosting a trunk show for us at her store, Zizia in Burien, WA. By the way Zizia is a complete explosion of eye candy. It's fantastic! Well, she sold me on bars of Ginger Blossom soaps that are also fantastic. When it's rainy and gloomy these long winter days, this soap is like summer time. I'm easily addicted. It's great to see Sweet Petula as Etsy's featured seller today;) You can buy these products here.

Daisy Fever

I have a bit of the Spring Fever and am sprinkling daisies all over the new collection. It's been a while since I've used the lil' sweeties. I also passed my collection deadline. Geeeeez- it will be worth it. No worries. I have to whip out these intricate chandeliers that are dancing around in my head. The bigger the better!

It was hard letting the felt go, and the string lamps, and the cupcakes...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow again in Portland

I have never seen this much snow in Portland! It's a light dusting so far today-- as long as I can get out of my drive way, I will enjoy it. I need a Stumptown coffee to fully take in this snowy moment. I'm a little addicted. The fuzzy images are of the trio (Yed, Micah & I) in Hood River.

My Boys Felting?

Well pigs aren't flying and hell hasn't froze over! This is actual footage of the boys in my life needle felting! My little guy is working on a mouse, Yed is working on Greg Oden, Jesse is making a manly Dallas Cowboy Coaster. Hee hee. Angie is absorbing this moment that will most likely never happen again;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazing Photography

Product photography is really difficult (for me its like sewing). This shot by Kim is gorgeous!! I'm trying to pick her brain on tricks of the trade. She has some kind of patience to help me out.

By the way, I can't sew to save my life...

Felting on the Mind

To charge my battery up for another jewelry collection, I turn to felting. It's become an addiction. It's just so much fun! It all started when my gal pal Maggie had me felt a bird. Then I made a dog, an elephant, peas in a get the idea. My colleague & dear friend Erin is having a bambino soon and baby slippers came up as a project. I came across these beauties when I checked out Martha's site --just for shits & giggles;)