Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diamond Ring

I am a fan of the non traditional engagement ring.
From scratch, I soldered, hammered and bezel set the
.05ct. diamond. It's simplicity is lovely.
This is for one lucky lady.


  1. nice!

    so then to take the picture did you use a little clay or a glue dot to hold it at that neat angle? Or did it magically stand up on its own from the hammering?

    You know me, I'm always into the pictures :)

  2. Girlfriend- I used a dollop of glue from my handy hot glue gun. I carry it with me at all times;)

  3. cuz you might cut your hand and have to hot glue it back together :)

  4. if by some craziness i got engaged, thats the ring i would want.

    and you don't owe me for the teacup! enjoy it!

  5. I'm the lucky groom to be. She said yes! Thank you so much Naomi. It is beautiful.

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