Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Girls Night Out

Yesterday I went to the City Grill with Jennifer Kate
Gleason James DeAnda
and it was a blast!
I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.

I had to introduce her to the BEST Cucumber Martini
at Acadia first.
Sarah at Acadia doesn't mess around!
I love it there.

That was our pre-function.

The Grill was nice & empty.
We actually got a window seat. Very rare!
The view of downtown Portland on the 30th
floor is beautiful
We got to dish about old times & new.

We were way overdue. Actually expired...
The sweet couple sitting behind us paid for our bill!
Who does that? That was really sweet!

I have to hang out with the girls in my life more-
to charge my battery. It's hard to pull away from work and family,
but this keeps me sane.

*NoteToSelf: Must Read This Post Once a Week*

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  1. the couple behind you ladies paid your bill!? damn thats awesome!