Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Sustainable Thoughts

We get tons of junk mail and I'm behind on my shredding.
I was thinking, "What can I do with all this shredded paper?"
Of course I'll recycle it but can I re-purpose?
Suzanne would be proud.
How 'bout a chair?

Artist Charles Kaisin from Brussels is the creator

of this shredded paper chair.

My dog, Burnside would be delighted.


I came across this book that has tons of ideas

on revamping what you have and creating what you don't.

Even basic know how techniques that I don't know, like tying a tie.

Love it!


Tired of wasting paper cups by getting your coffee to go?

Check out this sturdy double-walled porcelain cup that keeps your coffee warm.

The lid is made of pliable silicone!

You can find it here.

Or at New Seasons (a dollar cheaper and no shipping).

Designed by James Burgess.

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