Friday, May 8, 2009

Special Order: Horseshoe Necklace

Mother's Day is almost here and we're moving fast to finish special pieces for Momma. We take in a few special requests like this horseshoe necklace for instance. I've never made a horseshoe and it's so sweet! I have to have fun with all special orders and really like the idea. If it's something I really don't like or get a weird vibe from, I'll have to pass. Those vibes would live in that piece forever! Silly but, kind of bad joojoo for me. Sometimes we get requests like a broken heart or something really crazy, like two swans kissing - that we never do;)


  1. Thanks for putting MY necklace on your website, my daughter ramrodded the whole thing, and I got it yesterday. I love it and hope to wear it many years. You did a great job. Thanks again!

    Mary Stone