Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunny Weather = Gardening

Yed made a raised bed and we planted strawberries, tomatoes, basil, cilantro, onions, mint, tomatillos and lettuce. I had to pick my friend Maggie's brain about this because we're rookies. That woman has a huge garden and raises chickens in the city! I forgot to add that she's brewing her own beer and is making me some killer felted cupcake earrings with Turquoise sprinkles. You can find her here.

I sorta got a bit off topic. I can't wait to pick my own mint for mojitos or make pico de gallo from the garden... That reminds me, I need jalapenos fast! We also planted some flowers that Micah liked in our front yard. Pink was his color of choice. Secretly, pink is my favorite color. Not the pale pink. It's the hot pink almost fuchsia color I like;)

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  1. hee hee, i love getting mentioned in the blogs! you guys aren't the only newbies we are coaching, feel free to call or email anytime with questions!

    and remember, mint loves to spread, so give it some room to grow. I planted mine along the side of the house where it can't bother any other plants!

    you might also want to protect those tomatoes from the cold nights coming. you can cover them with plastic bags over some stakes stuck in the ground at night, or cut the bottom off some two liter bottles of pop and stick that over them!

    yay for starting your own veggie garden! its both rewarding and crazy-making, trust me!