Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cry Baby

Crying babies, originally uploaded by sosunshine.
I found this picture on
Flickr and it represents my past Sunday at the Portland Saturday Market perfectly. Sunday was the first and only day that I have ever had my boy at the Market. Well, he obviously didn't want to be there and he let EVERYBODY know that. He was crying for no reason, kicking, yelling, pushing, throwing his toys for attention. Even an earring tree hit the ground!! I thought, "What the? They didn't tell me this when I took him home from the hospital. Do I have a receipt to take him back? " I got to give it to the Mommas & Daddy's everywhere that have to deal with meltdowns in public & private. Wow! It's like these little kiddies pull a thread from your sweater and love to watch it unravel. I'm sure there is plenty more where that came from, but I'm doing my best to stop them. If I find a brilliant cure I will be sure to let you know. Can you do the same for me?
Photo by sosunshine


  1. Time, my friend time... In time you can make sense with your kiddo, and in time he will develop the skills to listen for a little while then he will decide it was not a wise thing to do afterall and will go back to not listening - hahaha
    Enjoy your precious one, with his tantrums, they say its the terrible 2's and the horrible 4's, I can tell you confidently, it was just about at 6 when I started getting a break. Hang in there sunshine it is all good!

  2. I liked his little nest you made him hidden behind the goddess painting. He was smiling sweetly in there :)

  3. Haven't we all acted that way at market? :) Sorry Sunday was so rough! If you find the secret to avoiding toddler meltdowns please let me know before Orson hits that age!