Friday, March 13, 2009

Employee of the Month:

Rafael Campos
He's been fired as my Personal Trainer, stylist &
PR Rep ...
Now he makes a come back as our
"Child Technician"
and is negotiating a position for
"Assistant Creative Director."
I think he would make a great Assistant
TO the Creative Director at YedOmi.

A little about this talent:
  • Loves kiwi
  • Climbing Mt. Vesuvius
  • Demands M&M's, coffee , fruit and stock options on his shifts.
  • Is Getting Married!
  • Constantly gives feedback.
  • Traveled Milan for months.
  • Can credit Pasquale Bruni for his talent in the jewelry biz.
  • Gives constant feedback.
Help me congratulate Rafael.
He's family;)


  1. kudos Ralph! Way to get the sweet demotion - "kid entertainment" is so much more fun than "work out dictator"

  2. Don't forget, he is also great with the ladies at your booth at the Saturday Market!

    And entertaining your fellow market artists.

    I don't know what title that would give him, maybe "junior customer service sales representative?"