Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mt. Hood Skiing

It looks like I know what I'm doing. Skiing up Mt. Hood burns!

My body feels like jello today. I escaped jewel making for a day and surrendered to Mt. Hood. It was sunny and gorgeous yesterday! Marty (above) was training me and she had no mercy! Check out her all terrain jewelry;)
By the way, I fell about 15-19 times. I was a wreck out there! I learned a new term from my falls,--YARD SALE. I guess when you fall and lose your hat, ski poles & glasses more than a few feet away from you it's called a yard sale. Thanks for the lesson Marty & Steven!


  1. You do look like a pro! Did the whole family go? (that rhymes :) Looks like it was fun...

  2. The boys did go! After Micah had his training they headed to Timberline Lodge for a grilled cheese break. Yed deserved a brew for his patience...