Monday, December 26, 2011

DIY: Pressing Flowers

When those summer gardens are yielding or bouquets are spent, clip the lovelies to press.

I found this awesome press at a thrift store! You can use heavy books too. All you need is sheets of white paper and cardboard for layering. I made the mistake of using cardboard with a ribbed texture (my dried flowers have that same texture).

Lay your specimens down on white paper and layer with white paper, then cardboard and repeat.

Sandwich as many flowers as you like! Patience is the hardest part. Let your flowers dry for 2 months.

These pressed flowers are lovely and so fragile! Arrange in a frame or make cards out of them (I used stick glue to arrange in a frame).

Not bad for a first try, next time I'll add greens and maybe a sunflower!


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