Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Luxuries

Cherry blossoms.

Chocolate chip pancakes.

Watching my little guy neatly eat each
triangular column.

Sparkly polish.

Working with pearls.

Sun breaks.


  1. All of those pictures touch me. Sunshine and cherry blossoms remind me of my life in Japan (which I miss terribly). Pearls are so ROYAL and luxurious (and I want that set of course). And pancakes are from a time of no responsibilities. All of those memories are wonderful times.

  2. Thanks Sue! How long were you in Japan? Awesome!

  3. Thank you for asking...We lived in Japan for 3 short years. It is truly where my heart is and cherry blossoms just make me ache to go "home". I love my country but the Japanese people like me better than Americans

    Will you be selling any of your latest designs at etsy? Gosh I love that pearl necklace. I would love it in a long 20" so the pearl nestles low. So beautiful.