Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cotton Necklaces by Necklush®

I love when you can transform a staple in your wardrobe to create equally stunning, different effects. Enter the Necklush. These gorgeous colors and patterns are all hand-printed by the talented Stephano Diaz and Troy Mattison Hicks in Brooklyn, NY. Necklush® is an accessory that transcends seasons and is keenly designed to put creativity into your hands. Their seamless cotton loops look intricate and versatile while remaining simple, yet modern. Click on the images for purchasing information. I dare you! This creation is simply fabulous! I have my eye on the Necklush Ultra in teal/natural. Maybe a black & red one too...Might as well go big or go home right?


  1. thank you very much for featuring necklush on Yedomi! Have a great weekend- T&S