Friday, September 25, 2009

Reasons to Love the Fall

Rich warm colors and cool air are looming. Summer is bliss but fall is mysteriously wonderful! I have embraced it and will relish every last drop;)
photo by nixiemichelle

1. Make use of that fireplace and grab a good book or lover to cozy up next to. Wink wink.

photo by boopsiedaisy

2. The pumpkin patch is too much fun! We drive out to Sauvie's and get the cutest pumpkins, warm java, and tractor rides (the 'lil guy loves that).

photo by Anadelmann

3. Chunky sweaters to go with your awesome boots.

photo by honeypoo

4. Break out those accessories neglected in the back of your closet, like your cool hats and scarves. Need to vamp up your collection? Sofia on NE Fremont will not disappoint.

photo by Neil...Baker

5. MMmmmmmm those warm drinks are just what the doctor ordered. Leaded or unleaded...

photo by noomrise

Enjoy your weekend!

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